Sports Massage

What are the Benefits of Sports Massage?

Sports massage targets the deeper layers of tissue to alleviate muscle tension. So, what are the main benefits associated with a deep tissue massage?

It Reduces Muscle Tension

Stress will often affect our neck and shoulders making our bodies feel tense. Because sports massage works on the deeper layers of tissues, it is a great way to reduce those ‘knots’ (also known as trigger points) around the neck and shoulders. Reducing tension in these muscles may also be a solution to your headaches.

It Aids Injury Recovery

Sports massage can help aid injury recovery by increasing blood flow to the injury site, which in turn delivers oxygen and nutrients to promote self-healing. Furthermore, it has been found that a regular sports massage is a vital part to any sportsman or woman’s regime and may play a key role in injury prevention.

It Reduces Joint & Muscle Pain

Often the aches and pains we feel in our bodies are due to tight muscles and irritated joints. Back and neck pain can often be caused by tight muscles, which prevent the joints from moving freely. Therefore, releasing tension in the muscles using deep tissue massage may be a simple solution to your long standing back pain. 

It Helps Correct Poor Posture  

It counteracts all the sitting you do! Desk workers, take note! Often, postural stress is caused by the habits we adopt by sitting in the sam position everyday. Thankfully, massage helps to reduce the postural strain caused by excess sitting. 

So, why wait?! Book yourself in for a deep tissue massage and enjoy all the benefits listed above!

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