I have seen many therapists I the past for my neck and shoulder issues and Bethany is by far the best. She did a thorough examination and was quick to get to the source of my problem. Three treatments later and my shoulder is fixed! Bethany also gave me some simple but very useful exercises to keep the pain at bay. Highly recommended! Just wish I’d found her sooner. – S Spooner

Bethany is by far the best. My shoulder is fixed!

Top work once again! Only person I know who can straighten me out and get me loosened up effectively! – S Le Page

Top work once again!

Dull ache in knees before and after but much better the following day. Sure the massage is helping. – M Williams

Sure the massage is helping

This was my first visit to an Osteopath, so I was a little apprehensive. Luckily Bethany is really helpful and knowledgeable and I found the experience to be very beneficial. She was able to give me advice on some minor joint issues, and recommended exercises and stretches that would help me to recover (she sent email copies of my exercises too). The massage and stretching made me feel more balanced, and she diagnosed other postural alignments that I could address in my home/gym exercises. It was good to hear I wasn’t causing any more damage during my fitness routines, and be given strategies for improvement. A very positive experience for me! – S Gallagher

Really helpful and knowledgeable and I found the experience to be very beneficial

I went for a sports massage with Bethany on short notice since I was in so much pain. I asked for deep tissue and it was one of the best I have had since moving to the UK! She really focused on my troubled parts/areas that were causing me pain and worked into them and gave a proper deep tissue massage (which by my experience, is difficult to find!) She moved my arms around to be able to work into deeper knots and areas under my scapula. She also showed me exercises and gave me some to take home to stretch. I will be returning ASAP! Thanks Bethany – J Reynolds

Best sports massage I have had since moving to the UK!

So glad I took the plunge and arranged an appointment with Bethany. She helped me to feel totally at ease and explained what was wrong perfectly and clearly. Extremely enthusiastic and conscientious about her job. A Ellis

Felt totally at ease and explained what was wrong clearly

Thank you so much for helping my mother in law. She feels so much better after your treatment and it was very helpful you showing her what exercises to do and talking her through the treatment. She’s been for lots of treatments and felt you helped her the most. She’ll be back. Thanks again.  V Leese-Wood

Feels so much better, you helped the most

I came to Bethany back in October for help with tight hamstrings and calves from running! Since the treatment I have had much better range of movement, flexibility and suffer with less cramping! Totally recommend!  C Allen

Better movement, flexibility and less cramping

Bethany has really eased my lower back pain after only 2 treatments and has given me some very helpful exercises to do at home. Wish I’d booked in sooner – highly recommended!   J Kimmes

Highly recommend

Bethany really helped to relieve my incredible sciatica pain. Can’t believe the difference from this morning when I was in absolute agony! Really good, friendly and successful session, thanks.    A Richards

Can’t believe the difference