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How long will this take? Time frames of tissue healing

A common question I'm asked in clinic is “how long will it take to get better?”  The answer depends on a variety of factors, which I will try to explain in this blog. Injury Injuries occur when load exceeds tissue resilience, causing breakdown and damage to occur. This load may be quickly applied, causing sudden injury… Continue reading How long will this take? Time frames of tissue healing

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Is it time for your Summer Check-Up?

As an osteopath I love to help people continue taking part in the activities they enjoy. I am fortunate in that so far I have been able to treat my own sporting injuries so I can get back to the gym, running and playing netball as soon as possible. Regular check-ups or “maintenance treatments” can help stop… Continue reading Is it time for your Summer Check-Up?

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How Tight are your Hamstrings?

Many people don’t realise that tight hamstrings can cause complications. The hamstring muscles are attached to the back of the pelvic bones, run down the back of the thigh and insert behind the knee. Therefore, tightness of the hamstring muscles can result in altered pelvic, spine and lower limb biomechanics, increasing the risk of injury. … Continue reading How Tight are your Hamstrings?

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Muscle Knots and Cramps

This blog will cover two of the most common questions I'm asked: "What is a muscle knot?" and "Why do we get cramp?" Muscle Knots Muscle knots, technically known as trigger points, are hard nodules in a taut band of muscle. They are palpable, tender bumps under the skin often the size of your thumb.… Continue reading Muscle Knots and Cramps

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Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinopathy – Do you suffer from these common Running Injuries?

Running injuries often arise when we have underlying skeletal/structural or muscular imbalances. One area of weakness can affect functionality of the next. For example weakness in some of the muscle groups can alter the lower limb alignment and place excess strain along the whole of the lower limb chain (pelvis, hips, knees, ankle and foot),… Continue reading Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinopathy – Do you suffer from these common Running Injuries?

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Christmas Gift Vouchers

If you know someone who always puts others first a Cambridge Osteopathy gift voucher may be the little nudge they need to treat themselves for once! Gift vouchers can be used for Osteopathy treatments or Sports Massage and can be made to any value £5 and up. Also valid for our sports massage offer –… Continue reading Christmas Gift Vouchers

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Do you walk 10,000 steps a day?

I recently completed a course on exercise prescription for the treatment and prevention of disease. A key component for improving health is walking. The guideline is 10,000 steps a day which has many health benefits: Walking can lower your risk of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes mellitus and heart disease. It can also… Continue reading Do you walk 10,000 steps a day?

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Knee pain – my experience

This blog is about my recovery from knee pain with the help of osteopathy, kinesio tape, exercise and a foam roller. About 4 weeks ago I increased my running in preparation for a 10km event and started playing netball again, which was the onset of my knee trouble. After exercise I experienced a general ache… Continue reading Knee pain – my experience